We are Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers Sierra Leone, kindly take your time to read and be apart of what we are doing.

Who We Are

We are Ex-Asylum Seeker with partners addressing issues related to Sierra Leonean Deportees..

What We Do

Welfare Assistance: counseling, food, shelter, medical, etc., Capacity Building, Development and Law/Policy Formulation...

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The Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers (NEAS-SL) was set up by young Sierra Leoneans inspired by the discrimination and appalling living standards of deportees in communities across Sierra Leone. A huge number of this category  of citizens exist as the less privileged and marginalized group in Sierra Leoneans living in remote, neglected and poverty ridden communities across the country. 

 The Networks’ establishment is based on the urgent need to swiftly respond to economic, education, welfare and social security needs of returnees or deportees whose plights are not recognized and remain to suffer in communities with little or no attention been paid to the above stated needs.



Do you want to help change the life of Deportees? Your Emotional and Material support like Food, Shelter, Clothing, Medicine, etc. will help a lot.