who we are


"You are humbly welcome to the website of Sierra Leonean Deportees."
Abdulai Daramy
National Coordinator

Background network

The Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers (NEAS) is a self-organizing advocacy initiative of deportees with a broader of advocating for the formulation of a Deportation Law/policy in Sierra Leone thereby, enhancing the socio-economic re-integration and security of Sierra Leonean deportees inside Sierra Leone. During thepast years of advocacy, the Network has and is still conducting activities to help achieve advocacy goal and objectives in Sierra Leone. The clear advocacy steps taken by NEAS since establishment continues to earn the group feasible recognition by Government line Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), development partners,national and international organizations including media and Civil Society groups. NEAS is still recognized as a struggling deportee group advocating on deportation issues in Sierra Leonean.


NEAS-SL wants to see a guaranteed and integrated social and economic security Law/policy for “Ex-Asylum Seekers” / “deportees” in Sierra Leone and live without fear or intimidation of any kind within the legal framework of Sierra Leone.


To advocate and lobby Government MDAs, Parliament and policy makers to formulate Law/policy on the protection, economic and social security of “Ex-Asylum Seekers”/ “deportees” in Sierra Leone.

target beneficiaries

NEAS-SL programs and activities targets target deportee once seeking asylum overseas. This is referenced to the current mass deportation action/s by various country Governments across the globe.  No one person, Government or organization seems to care about the fundamental Human Rights, economic and social security of deportees in Sierra Leone. There is virtually limited or no Laws and policies at country /national (Sierra Leone), regional and International levels that guarantees the protection, economic and social security of “Ex-Asylum Seekers”/ “deportees” in Sierra Leone.

geographic coverage


NEAS-SL is working in the Western Area rural and urban Districts but, has its network partners Districts of Sierra Leone. Its work is expected to be extended at national, regional and International levels based on available support and or funding.

core values


We are committed to the highest standard of our obligations and agreements.


Provide quality services to our beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders.


NEAS-SLbelieve that love is the answer and it is only out of love that children and women are at the heart of everything we do and therefore, love shall be the central theme in all the work of NEAS-SL


We ensure that appropriate mechanisms exist for accountability on decisions and actions.


All women and children have the right to live in safety and dignity. NEAS-S.L is committed to creating the enabling environments where all deportees feel free safe. We build safety through healthy practices of inclusion, respect, self-care and confidentiality.


We are transparent in all our programs and activities especially to donors, beneficiaries and stakeholders and among the employ and general public


Compassion: We are committed to identifying and understanding human feelings, pains, distress, interests, sympathy and sorrow for others sufferings.